Business Consultancy

Additional Services: Salford Chartered Accountants

Our address as your Registered and Trading Office. £150.00/annum : Registered Office Only
Full Trading and Registered Office: £350.00 per annum. All fees exclude vat.

Salford Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors understands that some company directors may wish to keep their business and personal addresses separate. Upon setting up a Limited Company you may have used your own home address as your Registered Office. If you feel that you would like to use our address at Technology House, Salford M6 6AP as your registered office we can discuss this option with you. Our address would appear on all your business stationery and we would be registered at Companies House as your Registered Office address. The fee for this is £150.00 per annum payable excluding vat.

We also provide a full mailing address where you can use our office as your trading and registered office address and receive all postal correspondence here. This service includes using our office for all post which is collected by yourself. You can add our address as your registered office and trading address. All correspondence can be collected from our address at any time. Meeting rooms and board rooms are available for hourly rent including full buffet and catering facilities and projector Tv’s and ancillary products. This may be good if you don’t want clients turning up at your home address or to have your home address on your letterheads or stationery.  The fee for this service is £350.00 per annum.

Management and Marketing Consultancy – 1 day/2 day £400.00 /day £700.00/2 days exc vat.

Having built successful businesses in our own right as well as an established accountancy firm and helping hundreds of small and medium sized businesses over 16 years we know what we are talking about when it comes to achieving success in business.
We don’t just offer excellent tax saving advice as Chartered Accountants but have a full management consultancy support team that looks at every aspect of your business. We go through each sector of your business in detail, outlining and developing core strengths and trying to improve weaknesses or areas of concern. The management and marketing consultancy is superb at turning businesses around and developing drive and commitment in your team. We will develop new marketing approaches for you and put you in contact with some wonderful affordable experts in their given field. We will outline and go into great detail in respect of attracting new business in whatever field you are in. We will discuss google rankings and search engine optimisation, google pay per click, advertising, telemarketing and general sales. Our team of experts will prepare cash flow forecasts and budgeting for the next 12 months and longer and above all we will give you a goal and realistic targets to achieve and monitor those targets together. Our consultancy service is called “Fresh” because it is our intention to freshen up your business and we make it successful.  Your company will benefit from the following:

  1. Full review of the business accounts.
  2. Cash flow forecast 6 months and 12 months.
  3. Budget proposals and Income and Expenditure budgets.
  4. Full review of procedures, production, time management and affordability.
  5. Full review of Marketing and Internet marketing including all Social Media
  6. A detailed Proposal and business plan.


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