Full Limited and Abbreviated Company Accounts

Confirmation Statement / Other forms.

Non-Audited Company accounts are prepared and forwarded to Companies house and remain on the public registrar and the full company accounts are forwarded to HMRC in the form of an electronic company Tax Return. Abbreviated accounts are submitted as it gives only a brief snapshot of the company’s affairs as most company directors do not wish all the company information available for public viewing. It is our procedure only to file abbreviated accounts unless instructed otherwise.

Each financial year companies must file their company accounts with Companies House and HMRC and failure to do so will result in the company being struck off the public registrar. Directors may also be penalised with heavy penalties if no company accounts or company documents are filed. Companies House enforces very strict filing procedures which need to be adhered to. Deadlines are set for the filing of the accounts and fines are imposed by companies’ house for late filing. These fines rise each month dependent on how late the accounts are submitted.

Manchester Chartered Accountants will ensure you receive continual notice from ourselves when your company accounts need filing and we will update you during the year in writing and by email and by telephone.

As well as filing company accounts a confirmation statement needs to be filed during the year. This is a document that outlines who the company directors are, names of Shareholders, share capital and the registered office address as well as other important aspects that relate to the individuals who run the company. This document is available for general viewing on the company’s house website. Finally, a personal of significant interest should be declared to companies’ house in the form of a confirmation statement. A confirmation statement must be filed by law.  Companies house may impose strict filing penalties if directors do not file correct documentation or fail to file the confirmation statement. Ultimately it will issue a striking off notice and the assets of the company may be dissolved if it is not delivered to Companies House and assets frozen. The confirmation statement replaces the annual return. It is usually submitted each year on the anniversary of the incorporation of the company.

Therefore, it is a priority to Limited Companies that company accounts and company documents are filed correctly and all deadlines are met. Manchester Chartered Accountants will ensure this happens on your behalf. If a company is inadvertently struck off the registrar we may be able to assist with it being reinstated. We can discuss each case with the directors in a free consultation without any obligation.

Other company documents may be filed each year such as change of registered office, resignation of a director of appointing a new director to mention a few. There a myriad of company forms and we will assist always with the filing of company documentation. Although paper format is still available invariably all documents are filed online these days. A web filing code is needed to file company documents.

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